About Guateca

California Polytechnic State University and the community of San Pablo, Tacana, Guatemala (elevation: 10,000') are collaborating in multidisciplinary classes culminating with a two-month Appropriate Technology summer school in San Pablo, “Guateca”, for 15 Cal Poly students and 20 San Pablo college students.

Vision Statement 
Guateca will become a model for cross-cultural collaborative education emphasizing sustainable enterprises and fostering international community and local well-being. 

Mission Statement 
Guateca is a collaborative education program between Cal Poly and San Pablo students, faculty, and citizens in San Pablo, a village of 800 in the Guatemalan mountains. This co-developed education program:
1) Builds cross-cultural community with the needs and interests of both communities in mind. 
2) Fosters technological and social development by encouraging curiosity and empowering innovation.
3) Addresses language, culture, energy and society, and innovation of sustainable enterprises.
4) Develops sustainable technologies to meet the needs of San Pablo as well as generate income locally.
We will work openly together, sharing resources and ideas, embracing new challenges, goals, and resources.

PSC 320: Energy, Society, and the Environment
LAES 471: Appropriate Technologies
MLL 270/470: Intensive Spanish Language

Focus Projects
Students will work in groups of 3, 4, or 5 (combination of Cal Poly and San Pablo students) on a particular design and construction challenge with the goal of creating a sustainable business in San Pablo, or some other target community.  This project will be the subject of the design reviews, the final class presentation, and the website.

Weekday Schedule
San PabloM July 4TWRF
PSc320 lectPSc320 lectPSc320 lectPSc320 lect PSc320 lect  
MLL 270/470MLL 270/470PSc320 ACTMLL 270/470MLL 270/470
LAES 471LAES 471PSc320 ACTLAES 471LAES 471
2:30 - 6:00
LAES 471LAES 471LAES 471LAES 471
Community Meeting

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
1) Independent study on language, and projects - both group projects and independent interests.
2) Service Learning - teaching local grammar and high school students, especially.
3) On Saturdays, all local high school students are required to spend the day developing a craft skill.  This is something that each Cal Poly student can take part in.  Guatemalan Guateca students will be in the city at classes on Saturday.

Field Trips
1) Hike Mt. Tacana - one full (14 hour) day.  With rest will take the whole weekend.
2) Tikal - 4 days for full trip.
3) One trip to the West Coast beach outing - 3 days.
4) Saturday trip to city markets - three times.  There are two large local markets.